Which Problems Should You Tackle First?

Starting a business is overwhelming. There are so many things to do that it’s difficult to know where to start. You might find yourself running in circles trying to get it all done, but really not accomplishing anything except adding more stress into an already stressful situation. The good news is there is a better path to business productivity that won’t cause gray hairs, ulcers or panic attacks. You just need some direction, planning and a lesson on delegation.

The fact that you’ve started a business most likely means there is something you’re so passionate about that you want to share it with the rest of the world. For example, if you make the best baked goods in town, you know that your gift should be shared with more than just friends and family. But when baking takes a back seat to ordering supplies, balancing the books, advertising, serving, building cleaning and maintenance, etc., it’s hard to remember that passion when you’re so overwhelmed and exhausted. You need to break down the to-do list and remember the big picture. Ask yourself, what is most important to making your business successful? Gaining a little direction and guidance is going to be very important to business productivity and success. Keep a running list of everything that needs to get done. Some people like to keep one long list, other people like to break it up by category. Do whatever makes sense to you.

One thing you have to accept is that you can’t do it all on your own. How do you know what to delegate to others? Think about what you’re good at and what you’re not. Continuing with the bakery example, you might be able to whip up a batch of brownies that could make a grown man whimper, but you never got along with computers and technology. Instead of spending lots of time and money on computer courses, hire someone that already knows enough to get keep your bakery running smoothly and efficiently enough to compete in this technological day and age.

While starting and running a business will always have stressful moments, just keep in mind that it will be worth it. Always remember why you started this business in the first place. Find something to keep you motivated on those hard days. There will be days when you may feel like you’re still running in circles, but try to remember these tips for business productivity. It will save you money, time and sanity.

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