Finally a Firm That’s Invested in Your Success

It takes a lot to succeed as a commercial finance broker. You’ve got to be organized, motivated and, most importantly, confident that your guidance will help your clients accomplish their financial goals. Yet even with those attributes, success is not guaranteed. That’s because there’s only so far you can go on your own. You also need to have the support and assistance of a strong financial firm in your corner, supporting your work and offering your clients the financing options needed to consummate their deals.

Come and Join Our Team

Finding such a partner can be difficult. Most firms have compensation structures in place that fail to reward you according to the all of the hard work that you do. Not us at D&D Capital Solutions. We can offer you the benefit package that you’ve always dreamed of having as a broker. Not only will you receive the sales commissions that you’re entitled to when you work with us, but you’ll also have the advantage of having access to all of the resources we offer, whether it’s our vast lending network or the expertise available from our many other finance professionals.

Your Ideal Referral Partner

Of course, we understand that sometimes, you’d rather chart your own course as an independent broker. Even in that case, we want to help. Will can offer you referral benefits such as:

  • The best referral and finder’s fees in the business
  • Instant access to wide array of financing tools
  • The respect afforded to a valuable partner

What do we mean by that? You have our guarantee that we won’t look to cut you out of any of your deals. You will continue to be the primary lead on all of your clients’ accounts. If they return to us for financing in the future, we’ll reach out to you to bring you back in on their most recent transactions.

Several firms out there may say that they’re invested in your individual success, yet none shows it like we do. We at D&D Capital Solutions know full well that our success is due to brokers like you who help secure the deals needed to allow us to take advantage of the tools we have to offer. We want to help support your career in any way that we can. To learn more about our Referral and Broker program, give us a call today.