Boost Your Business With Consumer Financing

Do you ever dream of a financing solution that is able to attract more customers with cash to buy your products and services without adding any risk to your plate? Our team at D&D Capital Solutions offers consumer financing solutions to boost your business’ bottom line and protect your assets and credit score.

Benefit From Consumer Finance

We structure this financing solution to meet each individual customer or client’s need, which results in more opportunities for you to sell your products and/or services. We analyze your loan portfolios and purchase any customer products, such as Retail Installment Contracts and Revolving Credit Agreements. You will not take on new debt, and your customers have the necessary cash and credit to buy from you. These are more ways you and your customers benefit:

  • E-signature
  • Flexible interest rate
  • Fast credit approval
  • Credit ratings 580 and up
  • Various levels of pricing
  • Collection of bad debt
  • Design enticing programs

Use Consumer Financing No Matter the Industry

Financing your customers works for many different businesses. Here are some of the most common that choose this option:

  • Travel
  • Furniture
  • Private school
  • Jewelry
  • Dental
  • Security and alarms
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Memberships
  • Vocational schools

Get started on increasing your profits and investing in your future. Contact our financial representatives at D&D Capital Solutions today for a free analysis and application.