Quit Waiting for Payments and Grow Your Business Now

Every business is different and requires a nuanced approach when it comes to financing solutions. Our financial experts at D&D Capital Solutions offer accounts receivable financing for businesses that are forced to wait on invoice payments to pay bills, make investments and otherwise be successful. If you have to wait on payments 30, 60, 90 or even more days, consider how financing receivables can kickstart your business growth again.

Fund Your Business

We use a process called factoring to liquidate your invoice portfolio at a discounted price. These are your assets, so you should not consider this option as a debt. Because financing receivables relies only on your customers’ credit ratings, not yours, you are able to fund your business without added risk.

Benefit From AR Financing

Getting your cash fast is only one of many benefits of AR financing. These are other reasons this solution is for you:

  • You get cash in 24 hours.
  • There is no recourse if no payment is made on the account.
  • You receive free credit insurance.
  • There are zero fixed payments.
  • You can pay early and receive bulk purchase discounts.
  • You are able to complete large/unexpected orders easily.
  • Financing is quick and flexible.
  • There are no loan board decisions.

You can also use your funds for anything. We are waiting to help you grow, so contact us today.