Commercial Real Estate Loans: Spotting the Best Opportunities

Access to capital is a large determiner when it comes to successful development. When it comes to commercial real estate development, there are many options for getting the capital your project needs. These range from face-to-face pitches to investors to more distant transactions online. However, you fund a real estate venture, it’s important to understand how each one works so you can take advantage of different opportunities when they arise. Here are some places to look at for commercial real estate loans.


The internet has taken made strides in many sectors, including finance. For real estate ventures, there are now platforms that specialize in pre-vetted projects and registered investors to handle the entire process online. This can be a great way to get funding if your project takes place in an area where local funding is hard to come by.

Equity Trades

An equity trade allows you to invest equity in a completed project, usually as a down payment. The equity you trade typically comes from a separate property and you are paid when the real estate sells. This method may allow you to engage in real estate ventures beyond your current access to capital. If you focus on rotating projects, this can be a great way to set up a revolving door of funding.

Seller Financing

This means of financing is a good way to keep a property seller involved and invested in a rehabilitation project. When pitching this kind of loan to a seller, you might want to point out the benefits the seller would have access to, such as delaying or lowering their sales-related taxes.


Commercial real estate loans come in a variety of types and each one has its own benefits and opportunities associated with it. Conventional loans from a bank or credit union have the backing of tradition and precedent. You can also research such financial institutions before signing to protect you and your project. A mortgage broker or other hard money loan provider is often another trustworthy source for capital.

When you understand your options for commercial real estate loans, you are better positioned to take advantage of opportunities. Crowdfunding, equity trades, seller financing and loans are just some of the ways you can fund a real estate project. With working capital in hand, you can proceed confidently whether you plan on building, purchasing or renovating a commercial property. With so many options, you are sure to find the financing you need.

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